Himos Master Plan 2035

The Vision of Tourism Development

Welcome to influence the future of tourism in Himos!

Himos is well-known brand and attractive tourist center which have a great potential to grow much larger, more lively and as year-a-round center. In the future, Himos will be developed more international and attractive tourist center which offers unique experiences for growing tourist flows.

If needed, more information of the area development will give:

City of Jämsä, Director of city planning:
Kari Stenlund
gsm: 050-344 3904

Sweco Environment Ab, Development director:
Kimmo Vähäjylkkä
gsm: 040-531 4481

Travelling and land use idea phase: III. Nature network

The purpose of the Nature network theme is to exploit the potential of the surrounding nature of Himos and offer effortless hiking services, lighted and well-guided routes and equipment rental. The motives of Nature network…

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Travelling and land use idea phase: II. Big investments

The motives of Big Investments theme are shorter winters, year-round activities and new customer groups. Author: Sweco Environment Ab and Studio Puisto Architects References: click here

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Travelling and land use idea phase: I. Gradual growth

The Gradual growth theme enables step-by-step growth in accommodation and other services. The motives of Gradual growth theme are diversifying Himos services, responding to demands of international tourists and to create new and unique accommodation.…

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A snapshot of Himos Master Plan 2035

Himos Master Plan 2035 project started last fall in October 2017. During that fall and spring 2018, we have organized a survey to find out domestic tourism demands and held workshops for Himos’ tourism entrepreneurs,…

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